Since 1922, Azevedo & Travassos S.A. (ATSA), founded by the engineers Francisco Azevedo and Francisco Palma Travassos, has stood out as an engineering service provider and general construction company. Throughout the decades, ATSA has kept up with technological evolution in Brazilian engineering, contributing also to its own development. The following activities are integrated into its technical achievements, developed almost throughout the whole country:

In the 1950s, the company went through two significant changes in its organizational structure; it was elevated to being a limited company, and was then transformed into a business corporation with the name Azevedo & Travassos S.A. Engineering, Constructions and Business.

In 1964, they joined the previous structure and new equipment to a technical team lead by the engineer Bernardino Pimentel Mendes, who took over control of the company. In 1974, IMOBEL S.A. was created – Urban Development and Construction Company, a whole subsidiary of the ATSA whose activities were aimed at the civil construction branch, on its own behalf or those of third parties, purchases, sales and incorporation of real estate.

In June, 1984, the company changed its name to Azevedo & Travassos S.A and became a public company, obtaining its registration in the CVM on the 20th of June in 1984. Concurrent with the opening of the private capital was the separation from IMOBEL, which was no longer a part of the company’s capital.

The 1980s marked the consolidation of the oil and gas pipeline assembly activities, with these services being contracted by PETROBRAS and COMGAS, in addition to the start of petroleum research and exploration activities within the scope of the risk contracts, with the creation of Azevedo & Travassos Petróleo S.A. (ATP) and the Companhia Potiguar de Perfurações (CPP).

In March, 1987, Azevedo & Travassos Industrial S.A. (ATI) was created, with the objective of developing pieces and equipment for the Petroleum industry. In 1993, Azevedo & Travassos S.A. incorporated CPP, obtaining the technology, equipment and technical reserves, becoming authorized to compete in the well-drilling market for petroleum, water, salt and mining.

In 1995, Azevedo & Travassos Industrial S.A. changed its company name to Azevedo & Travassos Engenharia Ltda (ATE) and its company objective changed to cater to engineering services not originating from public agencies, since there had been a decreasing trend in the services of the governmental sphere and which made it necessary to win clients from private business, mainly the new highway and natural gas distribution utilities, in addition to expanding its activities with PETROBRAS.

From January, 1999, all the engineering services, not originating from public agencies, were performed by Azevedo & Travassos Engenharia Ltda. (ATE).

On the 31st of May, ATSA sold its shareholder participation in Azevedo & Travassos Petróleo S.A., then ATP Petróleo S.A. to Paranapanema S.A.

In October 2000, ATE was qualified by the Agência Nacional de Petróleo (ANP) as an operator of onshore oil fields, due to the extensive experience in the work developed by ATP in onshore areas of Bacia Potiguar, in Rio Grande do Norte. This qualification allows for the participation in ANP auctions.

In October, 2006, the Instituto Nacional de Propriedade Industrial granted a concession to ATSA for a period of 10 years, for the registration of the trademark Azevedo & Travassos, in the class 37 (civil construction, paving, excavation, construction of oil and gas pipelines, well-drilling).

In 2008, Azevedo & Travassos Desenvolvimento Imobiliário – Projeto I Ltda (ATDI-I) and Azevedo & Travassos Desenvolvimento Imobiliário Projeto II Ltda (ATDI-II) were created: special purpose companies, whole subsidiaries of ATE to act in the real estate market, marking the return of the Azevedo & Travassos group to this sector, an activity which had been interrupted since 1984 with the separation from IMOBEL.

At the end of 2010, taking advantage of its expertise in oil well drilling, ATE expanded its operations in directional drilling services. In September 2012, well drilling and completion services in the Potiguar Basin – RN were suspended, given the current lack of profitability in this market.

In 2015, Azevedo & Travassos Real Estate Development – Projeto III SPE Ltda. (ATDI-III) and in 2016, Azevedo & Travassos Real Estate Development -Project IV Ltda. (ATDI-IV), Special Purpose Entities, SPEs, subsidiaries of ATSA, to also operate in the real estate market.

Taking advantage of the expertise of its technicians from the oil drilling and production area, ATE started in 2016 its participation in the oil and gas production facilities maintenance market.

In March 2018, Azevedo & Travassos Real Estate Development – Projeto IV Ltda. (ATDI-IV) was transformed into Azevedo & Travassos Infraestrutura Ltda. (AT-INFRA).

Azevedo & Travassos S / A. (ATSA) and its subsidiary Azevedo & Travassos Infraestrutura Ltda. (AT – INFRA) currently centralize its activities in the following Business Areas: