Social Responsibility

For Azevedo & Travassos®, Social Responsibility is understood as the company’s relationship with the public involved directly and indirectly in its activities. The basis of the relationship is dialogue.


Social projects


Illustration of the Policies, Directives and Procedures

“Do you want me to draw?” is the expression that was adopted into Azevedo & Travassos® in a much wider sense than its humorous interpretation.

Aiming to increase the visibility of its rules and directives, the company decided to draw its documents of general interest. The project was developed in partnership with professionals from the Vila Mirante- Pirituba community, where the company is settled. As a consequence, in addition to the first objective, there is a real closeness between the company and the surrounding community.

The Bookstand

In April, 2008, with the inauguration of The Bookstand, Azevedo & Travassos® made official its project to encourage reading. The project aims, apart from stimulating reading, to increase the comprehension of the texts and consequently improve communication among its professionals.

Since the start, The Bookstand is maintained by donations, mainly from its own employees. A list of the titles of The Bookstand is available at the company’s website, so that all the employees can borrow any book independent of the location of the project where they are working on.

Taxes Incentives

Azevedo & Travassos® supports the following projects:

FUNCAD – São Paulo City Council

AACD – Contributed to the AACD SP project that performs surgery and procedures for children and teenagers with physical deficiencies. The emphasis of the project, oriented towards health, will be the social integration and improvement of the quality of life for the patients.

LEI ROUANET – Ministry of Culture – Symphonic Orchestra of Sao Paulo State – OSESP Foundation – Supports the Annual Activities Plan of OSESP Foundation-2014