Code of Ethics and Conduct

Code of Conduct

Azevedo & Travassos Group conducts its activities with honesty and integrity, which requires doing business in strict compliance with applicable law, regulations and ethics. Our Code of Ethics and Conduct consolidates this commitment, stating our values and guidelines to ensure compliance with all legal obligations and ethical behavior.

Ethics can be defined as a set of rules on behavior that must be followed by individuals in a given society. It is about how people should behave, especially when their actions will affect others. The Board members, officers, and employees of Azevedo & Travassos Group must act with honesty, moral integrity and responsibility when interacting among themselves or with clients, investors, suppliers, government authorities, and any other entity or person.

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct comprises a set of company-wide rules and procedures relating to individual behavior and managerial decisions, to be used as guiding parameters for all decisions made and actions taken in the organizational context or on behalf of the Company.