Azevedo & Travassos Infrastructure

Azevedo & Travassos Infrastructure

We deliver engineering solutions through technical knowledge acquired over our 100-year history. Our technical staff is our biggest competitive advantage and also our greatest asset.

We are a company with proven capacity in the infrastructure sector, constant in our pursuit of optimization and efficiency in our work plans. We have a portfolio featuring major projects carried out nationwide, on land and sea.

Over the years, Azevedo & Travassos Infraestrutura has faced the most diverse engineering challenges, always using the best techniques to deliver innovative, efficient, and tailored solutions to our clients.

In 2021, we reassessed our strategy and identified areas that represent a promising future in Brazil, with opportunities and plans for major investments over the coming years, namely:

Heavy Construction Sanitation Pipeline Construction Electromechanical and Industrial Assembly

Throughout these 100 years, we have built our technical portfolio
in wide-ranging projects in the following sectors:

  • Transportation and urban mobility, with Road, Rail, and Subway projects.
  • Major infrastructure projects, with dams, airports, bridges, overpasses and tunnels.
  • Sanitation works, with reservoirs, water mains, water distribution and sewage collection networks, and sewerage pumping and treatment stations.
  • Electromechanical Assemblies at Petrochemical Units, with compression, pressure-reduction, and measurement stations.
  • Construction and Assembly of slurry pipelines, oil and gas pipelines – made of steel and polyethylene.
  • Industrial and Commercial Buildings, including Hospitals.
  • Housing Real Estate Developments.
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling Projects for the installation of pipelines, generally made of steel and polyethylene.
  • Oil Exploration and Production.

A Group focused on engineering, listed since 1984

Thinking ahead, in June 1984, we were the first engineering company to go public with shares traded on the Stock Exchange, which consequently brought us the funds to invest in the oil market. Accordingly, we have developed the necessary technology to operate in the areas of exploration, production and construction of assets, as well as facilities for transportation, storage, treatment and processing of Oil and Gas.

Execution Capacity


years of experience


2,000 km of roads and highways in more than 180 contracts that moved more than 32 million cubic meter (m³) of earth.

32.000.000,00 m³

of earth moved

more than 1,100

projects delivered

Around 50

bridges, overpasses and tunnels, pioneering construction methods such as free-cantilever.

roughly 2,500 km

in gas and oil pipelines, covering more than 30 hydrocarbon control, transfer and measurement stations.


Petrobras Transpetro Vale Comgas CCR Sabesp Carioca

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