Executive Board

Ivan de Carvalho Jr. - CEO

Mechanical Engineer, specialized in Petroleum Engineering by Petrobras.

Worked as Operations Manager and later as Director of Operations at Azevedo & Travassos Petróleo from 1985 to 2000, when became Technical Director of Azevedo & Travassos S.A.

Responsible for and participated in important projects in the areas of Pipeline Construction, Electromechanical Assembly of Oil & Gas Processing, Storage and Transportation Facilities, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Development and Management of Onshore Oil-producing fields.

Bernadino Mendes - Executive and Operantions Director

Mechanical Engineer graduated from FAAP, specialized in Petroleum Engineering by Petrobras

Worked at Azevedo & Travassos Petróleo as Chief of Operations until 1997, becoming Operations Manager and remaining at the company until 2000 when migrated to Baker Hughes.

In 2002, returned to Azevedo & Travassos, where worked as Operations Manager until 2018, when became Director.

Bernardo Mendonça - Investor Relations Director

Business Administrator graduated from Universidade Salvador. He has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the financial market, working mainly in the Corporate & Private Banking segments.